Black Seed Oil Benefits for Hair

Black Seed Oil Benefits for Hair


Stimulates Hair Regrowth

Black seed oil contains highly antihistaminic thymoquinone and nigellone. Antihistamines are usually prescribed for patients with androgenic alopecia or alopecia areata. Using black seed oil is a safe way to take advantage of antihistamines without medication for hair growth.

Maintains Scalp Health

Black seed oil has anti-inflammatory, antifungal, antiviral and analgesic properties that promote scalp health. This treats issues such as psoriasis and soothes skin conditions. It helps to moisturize your scalp and improve the production of oil.

Curbs Hair Fall

This is the most famous advantage when it comes to hair with black seed oil. It is one of the best components to treat hair fall. Black seed oil comprises more than 100 minerals, abundant in hair and follicle nourishment, these minerals will nourish your follicles and reduce hair loss.

Prevents Graying

Another known benefit of black seed oil is the efficiency in graying prevention and reversal. It contains linoleic acid that prevents the degradation of pigment cells by the follicles. It is also an important treatment for people with Vitiligo, a skin condition that loses its pigment over time.

Conditions Hair

Sebum, the scalp's natural oil, leaves your hair moisturized and nourished. Not everybody's scalp produces the same amount of sebum, ranging from dry to oily hair types. Black seed oil normalizes the scalp's oil production. It means that without becoming too greasy, the hair is well maintained.

Neutralize Damage

Free radicals on your scalp and hair will wreak havoc. Black seed oil provides antioxidants that neutralize the damage on your hair from free radicals. This helps maintain healthy and damage-free hair and scalp.

Promotes the Circulation of Blood

Black seed oil contains omega-3 and 6 biomolecules, that promote blood circulation in the head which eventually promotes rapid growth of the hair within weeks.



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